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Bull's Blood wine enjoys one of the richest traditions in all of wine making. The story begins in the small towm of Eger, Hungary. The town of Eger is noted in history for withstanding a heavy siege by the Turks in 1552 - when legends became rife about Bull's Blood. Whereas the castle, whose construction began in the l3th century, established Eger's reputation, the town only achieved lasting fame when 2,000 soldiers led by Captain Istvan Dobo withstood a month-long siege to successfully defend the strategically vital fortress from the onslaught of 150,000 Turkish troops. In fact, by thwarting the Ottomans advance Dobo and his men completely halted the Empire's invasion of Western Europe. During the siege, the citizens of Eger opened their wine cellars and drank red wine to give them strength to fight off the Turks. The wine spilled over their beards and onto their armor, coloring them blood red. As the citizens continued their valiant fight against the invading Turks, word spread quickly that the Hungarians were drinking the blood of bulls to make themselves strong and fierce. The superstitious Turks were fearful and demoralized. As a result, the siege was broken.
Grape: Kadarka, Kekfrankos, Kekoportó
Size: 75Cls
Vintage: 2012/13
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Produce of HUNGARY
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